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The business world is extremely competitive, and entrepreneurs can become disheartened after receiving rejection after rejection. However, if you have a strong follow-up plan, you can often persuade others to reverse their stances on purchases, loan approval, and other decisions. Here are some strategies that can help you accomplish this.

Respond Quickly

Studies show that up to 50 percent of positive responses go to salespeople who respond promptly to the companies they approach. Quick responses demonstrate that you respect and value the time and importance of the person with whom you are communicating. Through the initial response, you can clarify that you are willing to earn the relationship you would like to forge with them.

Remain Persistent

To receive loan approval from a financial institution or affirmative replies to sales queries, you often have to follow up multiple times. If an application or a proposal remains unanswered, reach out by email, phone, or text. It may be that the responsible person has not seen your proposal, and your note or call will remind them to take it under prompt consideration.

Clarify Your Ability to Help

When you follow up on your initial query, proposal, or application, demonstrate your ability to assist them. For instance, if you are selling products or services to a company, show how you can help them take advantage of missed opportunities, spur business growth, and take action that will leave them ahead of their competitors. If you are awaiting loan approval, offer to provide further information that might sway the lenders in your favor.

Request Feedback

If whoever you have approached responds negatively, ask for feedback on why you failed to obtain approval and what you can do in the future to improve your chances. Remain pleasant, congenial, and solution-oriented as you attempt to find out what you can work on to be able to receive an eventual affirmative answer.

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