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Equipment Financing

Equipment Financing and Leasing Programs

Equipment financing is essential to get the equipment that your business needs fast. At Hedge Commercial Capital, we have several programs to help you get equipment funding easily and quickly. Less red tape and paperwork give you more time to focus on your business. Leasing increases critical cash flow while protecting you from equipment obsolescence. Applying is simple, and various payments structures are available for repayments. 


Special funding is available to businesses that have been established for two or more years. Almost any equipment is approved based on industry guidelines. Your application can be approved in less than 24 hours by providing business financials. Other terms include:

  • Little to no down payment
  • Middle market financing up to $500,000
  • Large ticket financing $500,00 plus 
  • Various repayment options 


Many businesses turn to equipment leasing to increase cash flow. Rather than financing or purchasing equipment outright, leasing it may be a better option in some cases. If you are in an industry where the technology is constantly changing, leasing is ideal because you are protected from equipment obsolescence, which renders your tech and your investments useless. Other benefits of leasing include: 

  • Existing credit lines untouched for financing 
  • Tax breaks and return advantages 
  • Low monthly payments that are fixed 


Successful, established businesses aren’t our only clients. We also serve government and municipal entities, those with less than ideal credit, and new businesses.

  • Government and municipal programs offer guaranteed-approved leasing to specific entities. 
  • Available B, C, and D credit programs provide nontraditional financing for most who need it. 
  • Startup programs are available to businesses less than two years old with good personal credit. 
  • Sale and leaseback programs provide working capital created through equity in existing equipment.

Contact Hedge Commercial Capital today for more information about securing financing for essential equipment for your business. Speak to our finance specialists to learn more about which program you qualify for and how to apply.