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Congratulations on growing from a one-person operation to a company with employees and a C-suite! But what will you do now that other people handle the daily routines? You have the opportunity to accelerate your company to the next level. Here are the tasks to assign yourself as a brand-new CEO. 

Listen to Your Team 

You may at first believe you have too much free time, but one of the best uses of that time is communicating with those in the trenches. You likely hired specialists who are so dedicated and skilled in that task that they can perform better than you. The new eyes and ears will have insights you may not have realized. Listen to them to gain crucial information. 

You should also take time to listen to your suppliers and distributors. Good communication helps you make better decisions, take advantage of potential opportunities, and dodge possible threats. 

Improve Your Team 

While you’re listening to your team, you’ll be able to identify who makes the company better and who is dragging you down. Dedicate time to train and reinforce the company mission and goals regularly. Cut those harming you and reward those who add value.

Refine Your Strategy

You now have time to focus more on the business direction. Have you clearly defined the mission and vision of your organization? Could your mission and vision use an update now that you’ve expanded? Strategize how to improve the core elements of your firm to lay a solid basis for success. 

Top CEOs like Warren Buffett spend the first part of their day studying the news and strategizing. After arming themselves with knowledge, leaders can execute confidently. Use your newly acquired freedom from mundane tasks to educate yourself. 

Expand Your Network 

Much of your business’s power lies in its networks and connections. You can’t be an island or one day, you’ll find yourself struggling to stay afloat. CEOs are in a prime position to build long-lasting relationships. Even if there is no immediate reward, joining organizations and offering value to others lay great foundations for the future. 

Enhance Client Engagement 

Just as you engage with your team and receive their feedback, do the same with your clients. They can tell you where products and services need to improve, what they appreciate most about your company, and what their needs are. Customer needs are the most essential topic to discuss. When you make it clear your ultimate concern is about clients, they are more likely to stick with you. 

You have more than enough to do as a CEO. Fill your time with quality activities and watch your business excel