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Content marketing is far more than just a trend in the advertising world. It’s a powerful tool that can help companies in nearly every industry build brand awareness, customer loyalty, and even sales. Content marketing can provide a viewer benefits like a how-to video featuring your business’ product. It can also highlight positive behind-the-scenes or community service efforts your organization is making. Of course, video is the most logical and powerful method to distribute this message. Here are a few key principles to use when planning a video content market campaign.

Identify Your Audience and Competition

Video marketing follows all the basic tenets of any advertising effort. Before you shoot or edit a single frame, you need to answer some key strategic questions and plan according to their answers. First, identify as specific of a target audience for your video marketing as you possibly can. Really take the time to determine the age, gender, income level, and geographic location of the person or people you hope to reach. Discuss how that impacts the scripting and presentation of the piece.

At the same time, it’s crucial to be cognizant of what your competitors are doing. As with all marketing campaigns, you must either present something drastically different or demonstrably better than what your competition is putting forth. Nowhere in advertising is this more apparent than in a video.

State Your Unique Value Proposition 

Content video marketing should be crafted to elicit an emotional response and goodwill from viewers. That doesn’t mean you should ignore the essentials of branding. You need to demonstrate your unique value presentation in any public-facing marketing element you produce. In content marketing videos, the trick is to show value as opposed to simply talking about it.

The two major types of content marketing require different approaches to presenting value. How-to videos give marketers amply opportunities to highlight product features. Video marketing pieces that promote community involvement can demonstrate value simply by showing what the brand is giving back.

Include a Strong Call to Action

Whichever shape your content marketing video takes, be sure it incorporates this often-overlooked bedrock of digital advertising: provide a call to action to help close the loop. This can be an endplate with a link to your website or social accounts, or an interactive banner with a “learn more” button. Your options are numerous, but never forget to ask for the sale!

Video is the most powerful digital advertising tool available to marketers. These tips should help you approach your video thoughtfully and give you a better chance for success.